May 27, 2019

C O V E R E D - I N - D U S T || G R E A T E S T - T O - L E A S T (PART 5)

Timothy Bayne || Matthew 16

Like Peter, we have been called and given identity from God, yet in the same breath that we express gratitude and faithfulness, we live a life of self-focus. The way we spend our money and resources, how we fight for and chase success, and how we live our lives for the approval of others instead of the approval found in the finished work of Jesus all reflect this inner-selfishness. Join us as we conclude another chapter in our series Covered in Dust, look back at the way others interpreted Jesus' purpose, and understand how to get back on track with His vision for our lives. 

IQ: How can I die to selfishness and come alive to Christ’s selflessness?

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