Psalm 34

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March 15, 2020

Jesus Antidote for Worry

While we aren't meeting today due to concerns around the Coronavirus, take a few minutes to listen to some encouragement from our Lead Pastor, Oliver Wong. 

It’s common that married couples get more out of marital counseling than pre-marital counseling. After the tux is returned and the dress is in the closet the true covenant lived out and either established or deteriorates. In Genesis 17 God gives Abram three divine speeches giving dimension to the covenant he cut with him. As he listens to Abram learns the covenant he has cut with Yahweh is deeper, wider, and longer than he first knew.

Intentional Question: Is your daily faith established in overflow or emptiness?

Join us as Stephen Lewis brings a message for our current series, God and Man

Join us for another installment of our current series God and Man.

Join us for another installment of our series God and Man

February 11, 2020

Abram and Lot || God and Man

For most of us, waiting does not come naturally. Today, we have access to information, products, and destinations faster than ever and we still struggle with patience and waiting. Abram leaves his home heading for a new land God has yet to reveal. As he journeys he finds the call of God putting him through a significant season of waiting. How do you respond when God tells you to wait? What is God doing in our years of waiting?

IQ: How is your faith learning to wait?

How does faith grow? The Bible teaches that faith is a gift from God and according to Jesus, can grow from small to great over time. Studying the life of Abram teaches us how God can take a person of no faith, to great faith, and ultimately friendship with Him. In his first season of Abram's walk with God, Abram’s life  Abram and his family are faced with famine. How will this test ultimately affect Abram's faith?

IQ: What are you trusting to protect, provide, and promote you?

What have been the biggest moves in your life? What have been the effects of your leaving homes, jobs, and relationships? God's plan to redeem the world through Abram begins with a call from him to move from his homeland. God calls Abram to leave not only the bad parts of his past but the good parts as well: his country, his people, his family. Moving forward Abram is given a vague but powerful picture of what his life will be with God. This is enough for Abraham to trust and follow. Is this enough for you?

IQ: Where has God called you to go?

January 21, 2020

Babel || God and Man

As humans, we are all builders by nature. As kids, we build legos and forts, and as we grow we continue to build our homes, careers, communities, churches, businesses and beyond. Genesis 11 presents a moment when humans built a tower to ‘reach the heavens’ and ‘make a great name for themselves’. In response, God interrupts their plans by scattering them and installing diverse languages in the nations. Have your plans ever been interrupted by God? In this passage, we reflect on the things we build and listen for what God may be calling us to build in light of the finished work of Jesus.

IQ: What is God building in and through you?

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